AR & VR: Lasting impressions on trade fairs

Every trade fair is very special: for the visitor, who hopes to explore something new and of course for the exhibitor, who wants to present his offers at the best.

In this constellation two condition must be meet:

The visitor shouldn´t feel bored and see always the same on every stand and the exhibitor shall present his offer suitable at most on the limited space.

A perfect way to reach both, offer the still innovative and fascinating techniques Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality on which we would like to amplify below:

Augmented Reality:

AR technology, which you can use by smartphone, tablet or also large-sized screens depending on your budget, offers you the possibility to bring virtual objects into reality.
Thus it is ideal for the limited space in the showroom. If you have for example two exhibits at your stand, you can show at the same stand your complete program with 10,000 or also 100,000 products by using our AR technique.

Virtual Reality:

VR achieves the contrary: If you are at a fair and can´t present your service or the places you would like to show adequately, you can bring your customers to these places by virtual reality. You can chose also here, whether you create an application which you can give to your customers on their own smart devices or if you show it with prepared high end technology exclusively on your stand.

Application fields:

  • What does it look like to me?
  • How does it feel?
  • How does it feel in real?
  • Which variants are yet available?


Our design agency Treffpunkt Idee is specialized in applications in the areas AR and VR. This year alone, we were able to convince many different customers by our creative applications at their fair stands. Great success was achieved by our concept designs and realization. We would like to help you with the realization of your ideas in these fields and looking forward to your inquiry.



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