Top30 Augmented Reality-contributors: We are mentioned!

… and we are very happy about that of course! Here a few words and the link to the list:

Honestly there is sometimes the feeling to have not enough time, to put all our ideas into practice or to be too slow. In short: Sometimes we have not the speed we wish to have.

And that is why we are so happy about the mention of Treffpunkt Idee in the List Top30 Conributors of Google+.

Because its a confirmation of our work and also gives us any more courage and power to put exciting projects into practice this year, for which there is not yet any kind of example.

Here the link to the list: Top30 Augmented Reality Contributors on Google+.

We love what we do and feel confident, that in the future Augmented Reality becomes more and more important on packaging, PoS- Displays and any other print- products.

Thats why we gladly walk the way to be laughed down by the one or other.

Thats why we gladly walk the way, conceiving new ideas and probably fail.

Augmented Reality give us the opportunity to see our world in a new way, to interact in another way and to understand it better!

Because that we would be happy about your vote on that list. We would be glad if you contact us or even talk with us about your own ideas and AR- projects. We put our shoulders to the wheel!

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