Augmented Smart Packaging

How do you give your customers an understanding of a product, that is seen as a cheap product in germany?
By explaining it smart: In a way, you can attract young people, and shows that its even not cheap, but the best solution.

In this special case, we are talking about Bag.- in Box packaging (BiB). These packagings are very suitable for vines or fruit juices. Normally they are packed into glass bottles.
At least in Germany 
All other packaging is seen as minor value in Germany. Thereby BiB packaging have have unmatched advantages.

  • The liquid doesn’t come into contact with the air, also after the opening of it. So the liquid longer remains fresh and durable
  • Its very easy and handsome to dose it
  • The packaging itself is very leightweighted. Its transportable more liquid on the same room. This saves our environment
  • And not the last advantage: If it is empty, you can easily fold it to a very small waste

For this cases (and not only this!), the BiB packaging enforces through markets like Australia or France. In Germany not yet.
How about to make this smart packaging, a little bit smarter and to request digital help for this task?
Centuries ago, we have learned to open, that vine bottle. So, for us, a BiB packaging is still not so intuitive to open. Thanks to our smartphones and augmented reality, its possible, to not only explain this process, but to show it. To show it on the real product.

Also we can show, what advantages such a packaging has against glass bottles. We can show, where the fruits are picked or which quality the beautiful inside has.
The smart augmented reality packaging keeps it previous features: It is extensible printable. But with the help of smartphones, your customers are able to request very more information about your product: They are not only able to read about the advantages of your product; They see it virtualy direct on the product. Virtually and before they decide to buy it.
TREFFPUNKT IDEE knows from its own experience, that there are much more packaging, that are not very intuitive, or where is not enough space, for the one or other hint to print.
Use digital possibilities and the smartphones of your customers, to manage these challenges.
Give your customers a treat and spoil them with the newest possibilities!
An own app is not required for that! Even if you are not sure, if your customers want to download an extra app our your budget is not unlimited, we can offer the cleverly use of already available software.
We enjoy the opportunity to inspire you for your next project, or to put it into reality together with you!


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