EXCLUSIV: Treffpunkt Idee presents the new campaign of Nitro Snowboards at Sponsoringdays


We are very happy to have the opportunity to reveal one of our current projects for Nitro Snowboards as part of our speech „Von den Social Media Anfängen bis zu Augmented Reality“ at the Sponsoringtage 13.&14.11. in Frankfurt.

The 19th Sponsoringtage are the leading sportbusiness event. Thanks to our cooperation with Nitro- Snowboards we got the opportunity to reveal exclusiv the newest social- media campaign of Nitro- Snowboards developed by Treffpunkt Idee and to explain the purpose of it.

Of course live and augmented reality 🙂

Besides well know people like Christoph Metzelder or Burkhard Weber Treffpunkt Idee will show the enormous potential of social media in combination with sponsoring and newest trends and possibilities.

We are happy and curious about this upcoming event and the people we will meet. We hope to surprise and inspire the attendees to have new ideas and a little bit fun!


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