Fachpack 2015: Augmented Reality

One of the most important fairs for packaging and display manufactures in Europe ended last week.

We were on site and could enjoy our AR solutions in all its glory. Thus we took special care of the topics Augmented Reality, Mixed Reality and further linkings of packaging with digital media. There were definitely new things to see and we also identified a clear trend.

During the special show „Smart Labelling“ the STI- Group showed a trade display, which allows a treasure hunt by integrated iBeacon .

Beacons are low energy Bluetooth transmitter, that are placed in the shops or inside the display and can communicate with the smartphone of the consumers. Thus it is possible to send the shopper directly news e.g. about discounts, links, further information or callings. If several beacons are used in the shop even the position of the shopper in the room can be tracked and a indoor navigation can be achieved.

Dinkhauser Kartonagen presented its innovtion „app-packaging“ based on a cube made of corrugated board.

App- packaging brings 3D animations, movies or manuals in different languages on usual print images of packaging or displays by the use of Augmented Reality technology.

With this technique it is possible to provide information much more targeted and on a pleasant way to the customer.

DS Smith Packaging, who already showed in the last few years exciting AR applications for packaging and displays, have expanded a display with a virutal shopper by this innovative technique this year. This virtual shopper can advise or entertain the customer in the shop. Even an order of real objects is not a problem, if those are not available in the shops at the present.

The company Innolog showed the possible future of pick procedures in warehouses. By innovative AR glasses required information as route, type and amount of objects to be picked are shown directly to the visual field of the worker and thus have both hands free.
At the moment this technique is still in project status as the battery power of the glasses is very short yet. However it is a fact, that these problems will be solved in the near future and that those logistic processes will be handled much more efficient so far.

Inconso presents a similiar solution: By the help of a smartphone or tablet optical information on packaging are scanned and further information is shown digital over the packaging for the person watching it, for example the content of the parcel, the next consignee or the weight.

Prime mover for these techniques is specially the improving hardware: shoppers and customers carry one thing always around with them: their smartphone. And they learn how to use it in every situation. In the shop to get further information, at home to understand the product or just to have fun.
Especially sales teams of many companies are today equipped with mobile devices, compared to two years ago and are looking for smarter possibilities to show their products beyond catalogues and Power Point presentations. With Augmented Reality or better said Mixed Reality as shown on FachPack fair, companies can give their complete catalogue to its sales teams. Not only with pictures but the products can be presented three-dimensional in its real environment.
With lighter glasses, longer battery life and better tracking Augmented Reality will manage to significantly simplify pick processes in the logistics division and to increase the efficiency.

mobile augmented reality print

If you have seen Augmented Reality on this fair you can be sure that an application from us was shown. As it should be for a digital company that knows and loves packaging, some of our digital projects were well presented.

This show reconfirmed us once again that the Augmented Reality projects of our customers are not only unique but also bring the consumers easier to a purchase decision and offers them a real value.

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