Great weather 2.0 with Augmented Reality

I can’t remember a year with so many dark and rainy days almost into june. I don’t know how a blue sky looks like. We thought, we do something against this – and made the BlueSky2.0 – with Augmented Reality!
Thanks to the free App junaio for Android or iOS – now everybody with a smart device can enjoy a blue sky, even on very dark days!

How it works:

1. If you don’t have junaio – scan QR- Code with a barcodescanner and download junaio (its free for android and iOS). If you already have junaio, follow step2.
2. scan the QR- code with the scan function of junaio. Wait until channel is loaded and look through your mobile – your weather improved immediately!

Tipp: Because you can take screenshots with that app, its perfect to pimp your fotos even if you are travelling and the weather is bad. With the BlueSky, you every time have a bluesky 😉

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