Happy (AR) – Easter!

This way we want to wish all friends, partners and customers happy easter!

Fitting for the next few days we come up with a little something:

An mobile augmented reality easter egg game for you! It’s in german, but we would be happy if you try it.




It works like this:


1. If you don’t have the free junaio-app on your mobile feel free to download it in your prefered app- store.

2. Open junaio and scan the image above with it.

3. Search a colorful base like a magazin cover, a table or something like that. Hold your mobile on it and press the target- button. Like magic your playfield appears in the real world.

4. Now (hey, its easter) you have to find all eggs!


For the eggs we gave a little workshop for kids. So they were able to paint the eggs with our 3D software. You can say, they are handmade with love!

Huge fun.


PS: If you play it: Who will bring the best time to find all eggs? Send us your screenshots!


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