„I love those small challenging games for any occation. A game, which can be played with one finger waiting anywhere:
Pixel graphic and cool sound. Thus this game was created with a bow down to the one and other classic:
Torsten Biermann (developer)

Every level is unique thanks to more than 80 handmade pixel figures and one sound, which es affected by your game.
Can you beat the highscore? Can you see all figures? Can you put down this game again?


  • One finger game play – easy to play, hard to challenge
  • thrilling electro beats, which are generated by your game
  • more than 80 handmade pixel figures
  • more than 50 sound tunes
  • GameCenter Support

We are looking forward to your opinion, comments and suggestions! Thus we will add new figures, sounds and further features. Stay tuned!




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