Interactive print!

It doesn´t always have to be complicated. Best solutions are characterised by combining the latest techniques with established solutions. Thus added value is generated without increasing costs in unimagined levels.

print interaktiv: das neue blättle


My son recently submit me a famous sports magazine and wanted to watch a video togehter, which was suggested in this magazine. It was marked with a link,
however there was no QR- Code or another possibility to open the video of this print product directly out of the magazine.


Until today we haven´t seen this video. Although entering the (long) link just as printed in the magazine (on the smartphone and then on the computer), I haven´t got to this video. That´s bad. Especially today, as there are possibilities to shape this much easier.


The new edition of the „blättle“ is a cost-free distributed print magazine of Donau- Ries- Aktuell and makes it better.


In the edition of February – April 2015, which is distributed in the whole district Donau-Ries, you can call up more contents (which haven´t fit in the printout any more or aren´t presentable) with the help of your own smartphone or tablet


The charm is to read this edition as usual and people, who would like to get more information (editorial meeting: „We have so many pictures and we can´t add them all to the printout!“) can call up these contents easily with their smartphones. That is print interaktiv.


With the help of the cost-free app junaio you simply scan one of the pages of the blättle and yet you can use the printout interactively: a button appears, wherever further contents are provided, with which those contents can be called up.


„We could have projected all contents diretly on this edition“, according to Torsten Biermann, owner of Treffpunkt Idee, „however the screens of smartphones are so small, so that it makes more sense to show the picutres in full screen. Only the interface between printout and digital contents should have been explicitly. We have succeeded.“


Now you can slide with your smartphone over the pages of the printout: You get more information about each topic, while clicking on the button which appears on your screen.


In the present case it is about pictures, movies as well as sound effects.


„The great thing is: We took in consideration what the user wants: If the user wants to see more pictures, there is no use, to project them on the newspaper. The user wants to enjoy them in its splendor, thus we integrated full screen galleries. You don´t need to see anything with sound effects. These start fully automatic and the reader can abondom himself to the newspaper while listening to the sounds of his smartdevice.“


Videos are streamed like in the newspaper of Harry Potter or in fullscreen mode, if desired.


„We are looking forward to the feedback and will adapt the solution thereon in the future“, according to Lisa Krüger.

„I don´t type via smartphone incredibly long links. I want to get them intuitively and directly.“

That also naturally applies to advertisements, which are oftentimes interesting, however are forgotten after browsing through.

„With our technique we literally create a direct link to our advertising partners: the reader clicks on a advertisment and reaches our advertising partner. The possibilites, which are offered now, are manifold: if storage of a link, request of a newsletter up to a direct order, everything is possible.“

The blättle, once started on the internet, has naturally a strong interactive community. We are looking forward to the feedback of this community and will adapt and improve the experience of the blättle with their help.

In any case the smartphone is everywhere. It offers an additional value, also while reading a magazine, which you found in your mailbox.

It mustn´t be a complicated technique, as in this case, to generate a real added value. The readers get with one click more information, if they want to. As well as reading the magazine as usual, if they don´t want to use their smartphone for it.


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