Our first augmented year

Even if we don’t want to celebrate our first anniversary, we shortly want to review this year:
For me, it was an eventful, wild, unsettling year.
A year full of awesome happiness, highlights, but also of defeats and anxious uncertainty.
Chatting with a collegue, who started a company for cardboard furniture, I compared it with a rollercoaster- ride. But also in a rollercoaster we are sitting because we want to feel exactly that.
Therefore we want to thank our customers first: You are our inspiration, our power and our happiness!
Particulary we are sending these thanks to Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, into the UK and last but not least to Germany.
We are pleased, to work with all of you and to grow up the one or other idea together in the future, also.

All began with our small demo- cube. And if we want to trust Google, this cube accomplished to go around the world (But some locations a mysterious to us, too ;-)).
For an agency, that is intended for the new theme augmented reality for B2B customers, we are thrilled, that this little cube was used more than 1400 times.
And because we cant believe ourself, where the cube was all around the world, here you can find the location ranking of its journey:
In case this continuous, please send us more of your pictures of that zany cruise.

So beautiful this all sounds – as I mentioned above – it was a wild rollercoaster- ride.
Between all the lucky moments, there were doubts, impatience and anxious reflecting.
Often I wish the things will go on faster, better, more transparent. But the reality sometimes is different.
And its damned, if you put so much work, so much enthusiasm in project concept, and then it will running dead (your you receive a letter of your tax office, that you made a mistake, and don’t understand yourself, what the mistake was.).
The frustrating that is, the more beautiful is the fact, that we just successfully did most of the things we wanted to do: We augmented several packaging, PoS displays, printfolder and much more.
For an outlook to coming times, where we at last not only getting new offices, but also publish our first products to the end- consumer, we will reserve the next post.
We hope you keep faith with us and would be glad if you support us with critisim, ideas, projects our simply likes!

Torsten Biermann

Augmented Reality Examples - Our first showreel 2013

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