Own augmented reality app vs. standard software

You plan to benefit from the opportunities of augmented reality for your company and think about the decision for an own app against using standard software? We hope this article will help you.



An own app, especially with augmented reality functionality truly is something great. There are barely technical barriers, you can draw from the full score and at the end you have an app with your own logo on it.
But, at least you should ask some questions:

  • Are our customers willing to download an extra app and install it for what we want to show them? Will they use it more than one- time?
  • Are the costs of this app are in balance with the expected result of it?

There are many fields where an own app is in advantage, yes some fields, where it is indispensable.For example if you plan to use your own devices, on trade fairs, in showrooms, in a sales conversation or if the app generates a real added value that your customers want to use continuousely.

Imagine every augmented reality business card needs its own app. Would you download hundreds of apps to see this augmented reality content of the different business cards? The same counts for many marketing- campaigns (The exception proves the rule. For example the excellent IKEA- app).

Such requirements you can put into practice perfectly with a standard augmented reality software.
We think the most powerful augmented reality browser is junaio from the company metaio.
Not only ProSieben, Audi, Bravo, Autobild and counting, choosing this app, but it also took the second place at the Best App Ever Award in the category augmented reality.

Therefore this app is already installed on hundreds of thousands mobiles of your customers and makes it easy to explore your augmented content on print- products, packaging, business cards and counting.
Automatically this app scans pictures and also objects andthen loads the fitting digital contents into the browser. So, it works similar to QR- Codes, but much more convienient and with a better result.

Putting such ideas into practice you are far less limited than you think in the first moment or saw in (too) many examples.
In the video below we collected some examples to show that augmented content in a standard browser like junaio can be also interactive, branded, animated, and connected with the rest of your digital offer.

Such solutions are perfect for online- competitions, user- feedback, little ad-games, customer interaction with your product or the connection with your onlineshop.

If you are in doubt, if it is possible to realize your ideas in a widespread augmented reality standard software like junio, please don’t hesitate to ask us. Together we can work on a solution on it.

  • The consumers are much more inlined to explore your contents if they have the needed app already installed.
  • Your campaign can be put into practice more cost- effective as in an own app.
  • Additional you have the advantage that an app like junaio will be updated improved and updated regulary and your content will profit from that also.


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