Perfect ice-cream pleasure with augmented packaging

To get the full taste and flavour of their ice- cream, Häagen Dazs recommend to wait 2 min to get the ice cream get soft. But how do you do, that your customers really do that? The agency Goodby, Silverstein& Partners found an outstanding solution for that: The Häagen Dazs Concerto Timer, an augmented packaging!

Its working like this: After you took the packaging out of the freezer, but before you open it, you have to start the Concerto Timer and hold your smart device over the ice- cream packaging. Then on the top of the ice- cream carton will start an augmented violin concert, that will astonish the customer. This concert is running about 2 min, the perfect time to soften the ice- cream after the freezer and to taste all the premium taste of Häagen Dazs ice cream.


This is the app in action:


This Augmented Packaging will make customers time fly, while he is seeing his ice in a new way and ensures that he will get the full flavour and taste of that premium Häagen Dazs ice cream.

This is an excellent example of how augmented reality could be used in a funny and useful way as augmented packaging.It enriches the user experience and brings all of the good product features in an easy way to the customer.

The Häagen Dazs concerto timer is available in th iOS store for free.

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