Sponsoringdays – Impressions

With the Sponsoringdays 2013 last two days, a great event finished. And because it was a little exciting for us also, we want to record some first impressions.

Probably untypical the location was a cinema. But specially for our speech this was pretty cool, because we had some nice videos on our slides.

For us the event started on the evening before, with the awards for the best sponsor, the best player and the best manager.

As best sponsor and winner of the Sportbusiness- Award there is the Deutsche Telekom- who had the benefit of the huge success of the second winner this evening, player of the year: Bayern München.

Impressive the to speeches and the insight, that the Telekom is sponsor of FC Bayern München for many years and they everytime worked for a success like this one last season.

Next point of the agenda was the PlayersNight and not only we had a lot of fun there.

Nearly our colors!

High rise in Frankfurt

Next day we took the opportunity to get insights of many interesting speeches, to improve our own speech and establish new contacts.


Already the technical check of our speech was a big pleasure. Our imagevideo on a big cinema canvas. The sound: Boom!. Great!


At long last we could enter the stage and show how Nitro Snowboards tried out the success of different social media channel from the beginning of social media, how they use some of them very successfully meanwhile, and how they take a chance with the next step into Augmented Reality. (We hope to show a little video about a piece of that here soon).


No, it was not all perfect for us. Our imagevideo don’t startet when it sould do and created some helpless faces – the greatest was ourselves J


But then our speech went great and we hope that we could inspire the one or other.


Be that as it may – it was a big pleasure for us, we met great people, got very relevant insights in legal aspects of social media and the one or other idea for our own.


Our 3D artist and social media manager can’t wait for our speech!

A little bit stage fright can be a great feeling!

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