The seventh sense: digital and mobile

Since decades the packaging has the task to inform about its internal product. Due to innovative developments, the packaging continued learning it and often is today an essential part of the product.

Human beings like us, gathering more and more relevant information digitally, thanks to smartphone and tablet at every place, we are at that moment. The more we learn to use the functions of a smartphone, the more it will not only be an appliance, but the seventh sense, our digital sense. A sense, which allows us also to absorb digital information together with visual, optical and haptic information. In the meantime, we as consumers, also make active use of it with price comparisons and reviews.



Thus, the packaging has learned in the course of time to appeal not only visual, but also haptic senses, it will also learn to appeal the digital sense. The technical solutions for it are already available. They have names like (dynamic) QR codes, augmented reality, RFID or NFC. What is missing is the useful combined application of all existing technologies with the packaging, in order to use our sense for digital information.

At this point we as Treffpunkt Idee line up and would like to invite all interested people, to develop such useful solutions. Solutions, at which not the technique, but the usability is in the foreground. Solutions, that packaging and its handling will be improved.


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