Thinkingbox: exemplary campaign integrate packaging and augmented reality for Adidas

The agency thinkingbox created an exemplary campaign for the new Adidas Boost- technology, which is integrating (not only) product packaging and augmented reality.
For this campaign 200 hand-picked runners not only received a free pair of the new shoes. Also the delivered packaging is an absolut highlight itself. Augmented reality, which is connected to the shoes, shows the special advantages of the new product and created a WOW- effect.
That all is connected to divers social platforms and apps – where the happy runners could share their experience with the new technology.

The result was an incredible viral effect, that is documented in the worth seeing video also:


Adidas Boost Integrated Campaign from Gigante Music Boutique on Vimeo.


At the start of the campaign they reached very fast more than 12000 PageViews and the users commented their experiences enthusiastic. Straight virality!


TREFFPUNT IDEEs opinion: Nice packaging and augmented reality we love anyway, but also all other components and especially the integration as a whole we are really like.
This example is inspiring – and shows how to delight existing customers again and again.


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