Treffpunkt Idee is junaio Certified Developer

We are developing Augmented Reality solution for packaging and display (also). Our vision is to contribute making Augmented Reality a delight for the mass market and bring it to the point of sale. The AR- browser junaio of metaio offers a very good starting point for this. Treffpunkt Idee is a Certified Developer for that platform now!

junaio is an augmented reality app, what is available for iOS and android for free. With this app you can explore many different and very interesting augmented reality content. junaio not only offers an excellent basis for augmented reality applications, but was featured at the BestAppEver Award and is increasingly popular not only in germany.
TREFFPUNKT IDEE has successful mobil augmented reality solution for packaging and displays which distinguish them for the junaio platform.
With this step we hope, to offer you your individual solution on a proven basis.

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