TryBeforeBuy: Mixed Reality

Do you sometimes ask yourself while turning over uncountable catalogues and brochures: That doesn´t look bad, but how does it look like in my room?

If it is furniture, decorations, wallpaper, floors, ceilings or new technical equipment: How would it be if your customers can place it directly from the catalogue into their own four walls?

They would try it, they would play with your items, place them at different places in their house, take pictures, share it with family and friends. They wouldn´t be able to bring it out of their heads and then…buy it to really have it.

Dreams of the future?

No. With our TryBeforeBuy solutions it is possible to expand your regular product picture catalogue by new digital options, which can be explored by your customers in their own four walls.

Thus you even arouse interest on multiple levels:

1. You arouse the curiosity and the play instinct of your customers.
2. You provide your customers the possibility to experience your product already in a new way before buying it without any decision-making pressure.
3. You give them a smart tool in their hands, by which your customer follows up much longer than with common catalogue pages.
4. As a result your customers can call up comprehensive information from your products as well as different variants to make the buying decision for them easier.
5. In the case the catalogue ended up in the paper basket long ago your customer have the products always „in his pants pocket“.

Our TryBeforeBuy solutions are especially suitable for the marketing of furniture, flooring, wall covering and of course outdoor furniture and construction projects.
We develop each solution for the specific application and of course with the attention to the detail of products and with a view to the handling for your customers.

Do you now think that TryBeforeBuy is not worth your items or is too expensive to realize?

Let us convince you of the opposite and contact us! Our basic principle is: TryBeforeBuy.

Your customers will love it.

A current application example of our customer EGLO can be downloaded in the app store. Have fun with it 😉
Link iOS- Store

Link Google-Play Store

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