Video Series about AR- examples on demo- cube

We are happy about the ongoing interests for our AR- Demo cube. The cube and the examples are now nearly to years old, but they are still a fascinating outlook for the opportunities augmented reality has for different disciplines like advertising, packaging, point of sale or the product itself.

As we will release an app with more awesome augmented- reality examples using great ideas, latest technology and again that physical cube, we decided to publish little videos about the existing examples.

Here you can find the videos on youtube


If you was not sure yet, to order the augmented reality demo cube, this way we hope to show you some neat ideas and incite your interest to get the cube and more examples. Don’t hesitate, its for free, its fun and you already have it, if we release our app with new inspiring augmented reality examples.

Please feel free to contact us, get the cube and/ or further information and examples about the huge opportunities of augmented reality.


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