What does Virtual Reality mean? – Opportunities, examples, conclusions

Customers and interested parties who are especially interested in Virtual Reality besides Augmented Reality, approach us time and again. Numerous questions regarding Virtual Reality remain unanswered and until now only a few people had the possibility to test VR glasses. They would like to extend their basic knowledge. Therefore I would like to explain short and simple opportunities and examples on this issue.

What does VR (Virtual Reality) actually mean?

Virtual Reality, brief VR, is especially for laymen who haven´t had any contact with this new technique yet, a sealed book. However, it is quite simple. VR means the visualisation of a computer-generated, virtual world in 3D. By wearing VR glasses you can dive into this 3D world by the truest sense of the word and can move around or interact. Also your senses take you on a journey by seeing, smelling, hearing and the haptics. Thus a new world with many possibilities mostly in tourism, sales or education is created.

Which opportunities are be offered by VR?

Just in the sales industry VR offers unknown possibilities to present your product range space-saving. I´m thinking about virtual showrooms, in which your customers see, feel and get to know intensively your products on extremely small space. How about disassemble huge motors into its individual components without any effort or presenting customers your uncountable PoS displays in real size on only 2 x 2m? Thanks to the new HTC Vive system your customers can move borderless on a minimum space in your three dimensional world. Extremely modern, intuitive and space-saving!

Pupils and all inquisitive minds can also have a benefit from this new technique. How oftened have you felt bored in history lessons before and couldn´t even imagine the happenings? Even little timeouts while watching a movie on the subject haven´t made it easier to understand. With VR history can be experienced closely. Keyword: Edutainment! With the Google cardboard or Gear VR glasses happenings at historical locations like Berlin, Athens or New York can come to life again: the Berlin Wall is build up in real size in front of you, the acropolis looks like 400 years before Christ and the port of New York can be seen in the view of an immigrant in the 19 th century.

In the tourism area e.g. landscapes, buildings or plazas can be brought to life with VR solutions by 360° views. Especially on exhibitions your homeland will be presented perfectly thanks to this application as a means of whetting guests appetite for more. By the way my favourite spot at the moment is the moon. Just yesterday I was standing on the moon, observing the earth and the sun from a distance and expierencing zero gravity. What an amazing feeling! Put the glasses on, dive and enjoy!

The games industry will especially benefit from VR. The computer-generated 3D world let the player forget everything else around him. In the new HTC Vive VR system you move directly in the three dimensional world. By wearing VR glasses and using the controller the user can repair robots, which move in real size directly in front of him and like to explode when something is repaired wrong (watch out and don´t be frightened!). In another Vive game you can prepare a tasty meal with all it entails: getting ingredients out of the fridge, cutting it into small pieces, frying it and of course serving it. From my own experience I actually recommend to pay attention not to linger too long with VR glasses on your head. Because, first you lose yourself in time (danger of addiction) and second you hardly tear yourself away from the VR world (even bigger danger of addiction).

My conclusion

Virtualy Reality will diversely enrich and revolutionize our world in many areas. It offers new possibilities to understand and experience history, cities or landscapes. In the area marketing and PR there are countless fascinating VR solutions, which inspire your customers. Thanks to VR the sales industry and the commerce gain modernity and space. Thus virtual reality not only pushes through the games industry, but positively impress us in all aspects.


Would you like to dive into virtual reality with VR glasses? Please contact us this very day and arrange a meeting for testing VR in our office. We are looking forward to guiding you through your first steps and consulting you in the field of VR

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