Why do you print QR codes in your print product?

QR codes are an established possibility to interlink your online and offline worlds. Unfortunatley the context of the QR code is often not considered in the planning and implementation. The result is, that the QR code is almost ineffective. Treffpunkt Idee provides tips what should be done in all cases and helps with the implementation.


Would you like to give your customer the possibilty to get known more about your company, one of your products or to contact you easily?

Therefore QR codes are very suitable. On almost every smartphone you find a QR code scanner. The number of users show, that QR codes are scanned more and more. However, the desired effect is unfortunately oftentimes not achieved. There are several reasons for this: in the vast majority of cases it is due reasons, that the context is not considered, in which the QR code is scanned.


  •  The QR code is scanned almost exclusivley by mobile end devices – often a smartphone with very small screen. In the case the linked content is not optimsed for mobile devices, it is almost impossible for the user to find the information or even to navigate through your offer. The customer won´t use your offer. From this it follows a minimum standard for linked QR code contents, that it is optimised for mobile use, possibly repsonive and that it adapts automatically to the different screen sizes.
  • Is the QR code printed on a packaging, display or print ad for a certain product,in the majority of cases the user expects during the scanning to get further information about exactly this product. However, often the customer lands on the common website of the provider on which he doesn´t find the required information. For different application you should creat exact adjusted QR codes and contents on it. The user should find quickly and at first, information, which he expects.


If you consider these two points, much has already be gained and you will note, that your QR codes will in fact generate a greater value.

Furthermore there is the possibility to bring out much more of today´s QR codes:

You will may ask yourself following questions:



„ Is it possible to change the contents still after the QR codes are already printed?“

Yes, it is possible. With the use of so-called dynamic QR codes, you can change the destination at any time. The QR code always remains the same.

So it is possible e. g. to change the content for a certain time as christmas, easter etc.



„Is it possible to adapt the contents better to the context?“

This is also possible without any problem due to the today´s programming techniques. The content can further be individualised by the information, which the scanning device of the user provides. Thus you can link according to the language setting e. g. the correct language version of your offer to your smartphone.



„Can you measure the effectivity of the QR codes?“

Upon request this is possible. It is possible with the correct tracking technology to get informations when, where and with which device the QR code was scanned. With appropriate preparation it is even possible to link these results to your offer with direct relationship to further actions of the users.


„Can you use the QR code for online shopping?“

Of course. Please think on the above mentioned second tip: In the case the QR code directly relates to the product, there is no reason to link it directly to your online shop.


And even more speaks for the sensible use of modern QR codes.

The increasing „online“ time takes place at the mobile device, instead of the computer. And this doesn´t happen at home in a relaxed atmosphere, but under time pressure on the way. QR codes are the ideal gateway to store and deepen information which you snap on the way, instead of too long URLs. In case the QR code solution is good.

Are you curious now?

Our company, Treffpunkt Idee, already gained experiences with the correct realisation of QR codes. We are looking forward to supporting you to faciliate your users the mobile entrance to your digital information.

Lets talk about that!



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