We are digital natives; enthusiasts, who have computers, consols, smartdevices and all those cool gadgets since their childhood days. Lateral thinkers, who are not satisfied with the status quo, but think every day how to integrate all these technical devices and the use with it intuitively in daily life; courageous people, who try new things and want to learn.

Treffpunkt Idee makes your ideas visible. With our passion, our know-how and our tools we will take care of you, so that you can communicate visually, advise enthusiastically and sell easily.

We are open minded, work independent and inspire to new solutions. Flexible and quick.

It is our aim to further reduce development costs of new digital media by the novel use of existing tools.

If you think similiar, we would appreciate to get connected with you by one of our meeting points. As every real innovation arises by an initial exchange of ideas and being creative.

Torsten Biermann Treffpunkt Idee

Torsten Biermann

Manager, programmer


As founder of Treffpunkt Idee, Torsten Biermann is your creative contact person and project manager. With his extensive knowledge he ensures the technical realisation of his ideas


Voltzstr. 8; 86720 Nördlingen

Our office is located directly in the old town of Nördlingen.

15 billion years ago the Nördlinger Ries (about 25km diameter) emerged by the impact of a big meteroite, which impacted on earth with a speed of minimum 70,000 km/h. This crater belongs to one of the best preserved and explored meteroite craters on earth.

In the Middle Ages Nördlingen was a very important town. The siege of Nördlingen in 1634 was the turning point of the thirty years war.









phone:+49 (0) 9081 60 47 001

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