Packing communicates the product. 

With our augmented reality packaging you gain several possibilites to let your packages communicate with the customers:

  • all possibilities that QR-codes already offer today
  • through the novelty value of augmented reality packaging you (also) arouse general attention, the play instinct or the love of adventure in your customer.
  • let your packages speak as soon as the customer points the camera at it.
  • show distinct and further product information directly on or next to the package
  • let your customer look inside the packaging – without having to open it first
  • translate the package’s product information for your customer in vision or language
  • offer unique added benefits by attaching digital additional content like games, avatars or something similar that is particular for your packaging.

the marketing machine

The benefit from good packaging has long gone beyond efficient transport protection. Packaging accomplishes easy handling of marketing functions especially, through an efficient package process:

The package is the first thing your customer sees and touches. Packaging needs to generate attention at the point of sale to be perceived at all and in e-commerce e.g. to meet the customer’s quality expectations for the brand and not to (unconsciously) disaapoint. Ideally, packages mirror the product’s soul and help the customer to understand and use the product.

TREFFPUNKT IDEE has developed out of the packaging industry and still feels at home there. We gladly advise you on possibilities to draw more attention to your products with the help of augmented reality and to increase your success.

By demand, we also overtake the complete implementation including the development and manufacturing of the suitable packaging.

TREFFPUNKT IDEE aims to make AR-applications accessible for a mass market: this means we are able to implement adequate projects for a reasonable price. Please contact us to talk about the various possibilities.

augmented reality packaging full
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