Displays for the point of sale (PoS) contribute significantly to the product’s success of sale. Studies suggest that about 70 % of concrete purchase decisions taake place directly at the PoS and are less rational than previously imagined.

PoS- displays help you to generate attention for your product already today; also, it helps to carry the customers off into your brand environment, to explain the product even better and to encourage them to buy.

Augmented PoS- displays enhance the possibilites you have with displays enormously. And the best thing: With these digital possibilities you are independent from the will and the ability of individual market leaders and also you can enhance your PoS any way you want and in a way that is suitable for your product:

  • All possibilites that QR codes already offer today, but in more elegant forms
  • Augmented PoS displays can completely go without expensive digintal installatios like LCD-screen and can save costs that way
  • Let your displays talk to the customers as they point their cameras at it.
  • Let your displays appear digitally in the national language or adjusted to the local circumstances.
  • Explain your product in sound, vision and animation. Present it digitally and directly at the display. Live it up 😉
  • Entertain your customers by e.g. giving them the possibility to take extraordinary pictures with the help of your display or to let them interact with it
  • Customize the digital content for various campaigns without having to change the actual display.

TREFFPUNKT IDEE has developed out of the packaging industry and still feels at home there.

We gladly develop ideas for how you can profitable use new digital possibilities for your display and we also develop fully integrated solutions whose actual display design fits the virtual content 100 %.

By demand, we overtake the complete implementation from the first idea to the delivery and measurement of results.

TREFFPUNKT IDEE aims to make AR-applications accessible for a mass market: this means we are able to implement adequate projects for a reasonable price. Please contact us to talk about the various possibilities.

Lets go!

Are you curious? Please contact us and lets talk about your own project!



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