Billboards, the really huge print ads 🙂 that don’t have to be opened first! They are wherever people stroll around, wait around, get together and they verifiably have an outstanding impact in the media mix.

No one can not see posters, but usually they’re not paid attention to either. This is what you can do to change this behavior for your poster campaign:

  • Screen the poster corresponding commercial directly there.
  • Call your poster into being and let the world on it and around it come alive.
  • Give the waiting observers some joy by having them interact with your poster, e.g. with a corresponding mini game that can be found directly on the poster.
  • Without changing the content for the conventional observer, use the poster simultaneously as a virtual selling space for your product.

TREFFPUNKT IDEE provides you with ideas how you can breathe real life into your poster campaign and how you can bind observers. We design the complete implementation for you and analyse the success! We also work together with other serve companies on request.

TREFFPUNKT IDEE aims to make AR-applications accessible for a mass market: this means we are able to implement adequate projects for a reasonable price. Please contact us to talk about the various possibilities.

mobile augmented reality print full
Lets go!

Are you curious? Please contact us and lets talk about your own project!



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