Why do you print QR codes in your print product?


Surely, because you would like to provide more information.

QR codes are scanned almost entirely by mobile devices and also often in mobile situations. Fewest QR codes, respectively the linked contents, take account of this fact.

Thus many possible interests get lost.

Make it better and get inspired by our ideas. Together we will develop solutions, which really integrate your QR code and the stored contents in your previous communication and upgrade it effectively.

And that’s not all. These QR codes offer some further possibilities, to bring your customer an additional benefit!

QR codes are the window to all real products in the digital world. Together with us, you make your QR code looking nicer, being more flexible and more thrilling!

Qr- codes are the window into the digital world of all real products. With our support you will get more beautiful, more flexible and more exciting qr- codes!

Use- cases

  • Linking your website
  • Personal vCards (to save your contact details at the device of the user)
  • Linking to changing/ dynamic actions/ landing- pages


  • Qr code is implemented harmonic into your artwork or itself is an artwork
  • We create your fitting landing- pages


qr-code Noerdlingen


  • We create your qr- codes and deliver the print template
  • We provide you with the user behavior of your qr- codes


Related informations

The QR-code is out? Not really!

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Lets go!

Are you curious? Please contact us and lets talk about your own project!



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