Before one hasn’t bought a product, in many cases one only has an insufficient picture of the product and its handling. And when one has bought a product, they are often left alone with the manual which is not always precise. What is more, a picture is worth a thousand words. And augmented reality is worth even more…

Augmented reality offers the possibility to visualize your product and its handling appealingly even before the purchase as well as to enrich it with digital content. That way invisible product advantages can be shown directly at the product for example or a usually impossible insight into the product can be granted to understand it better.

The handling, e.g. the the exchange of certain expendable parts can be visualized directly at the product via a screen.

TREFFPUNKT IDEE gladly advises you on the possibilities how to better explain your product and its advantages by means of augmented reality and how to improve the handling. We gladly support you in the implementation of this project.

TREFFPUNKT IDEE aims to make AR-applications accessible for a mass market: this means we are able to implement adequate projects for a reasonable price. Please contact us to talk about the various possibilities.

How many books fit on a SD-card? Visualization says more than a number.

Photo: prototype and idea stage

Lets go!

Are you curious? Please contact us and lets talk about your own project!



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