An important factor for the sales success of products and services in the B2B as well as B2C field is to vividly present to the client their own range and its advantages.

There are a few possiblities to do just that: text, words, photos, graphics, drawings, 3D-visulizations, trial product samples or even pilot runs.

Depending on the product these possibilities work excellent or not at all and they bring forth one or two disadvantages.

Augmented reality enhances your possiblities to offer and present the clients their products:

  • Present your products in the original size, in the actual surroundings or on your customers‘ bodies. (e.g. to virtually place furniture or decorations in one’s own apartment)
  • Show virtual samples of your product suggestions. Let the customer observe it from all sides and let them activate useful additional information. That way you save time and money for an actual prototype creation and you make faster progress with your development process.
  • Integrate AR-content into your sales catalogues to make your products come alive even better.

TREFFPUNKT IDEE advises you how to draw more attention to your products with augmented reality and how to make them come alive for the customer. We gladly overtake the conception and implementation for your sales success.


TREFFPUNKT IDEE aims to make AR-applications accessible for a mass market: this means we are able to implement adequate projects for a reasonable price. Please contact us to talk about the various possibilities.

Lets go!

Are you curious? Please contact us and lets talk about your own project!



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