With augmented reality applications you can accomplish a great deal. TREFFPUNKT IDEE is your reliable partner from the idea to the implementation.

We take care that augmented reality ideas are implemented in time and in budget. We keep the bargain at disposal and measure the success.


TREFFPUNKT IDEE wants to inspire you!

Do you already have an idea for an implementation or would you rather get suggestions how you can successfully utilize augmented reality in your specific case?

We are creative and have a lot of experience from our everyday work regarding what is possible and what is useful.

Therefore, let us advance appropriate ideas! We gladly advise you and issue a concept that fits you, your goals and your budget.


TREFFPUNKT IDEE creates all required media content according to your ideas:

From simple graphics, over sound, 3D objects and animations we provide the fitting material to your AR concept.

Namely hardware complied: That means we make sure that the media contents are tailored for the designated output devices and forms.

At the same time, TREFFPUNKT IDEE reinforce themselves with external experts in your field if necessary.

That way we professionally deliver solutions fitted to your requirements that will make your customers happy as well!


TREFFPUNKT IDEE casts your wishes into software :

Whether navigation, mini game, database: we Ob Steuerung, Minispiel, Datenbank: we assemble all contents expertly and provide the required functionality to your augmented reality applications.

In doing so, it doesn’t matter whether it is attatched to an affordable standard solution or is programmed as a native app.

Depending on customer requirements, TREFFPUNKT IDEE works with external experts to make sure that your application works just the way it was designed and so that it cuts a fine figure!


TREFFPUNKT IDEE takes care that you don’t have to care for anything!

We make sure your applications are constantly, reliably and worldwide available on the internet.

Your applications are hosted with the hightest safety standards by several datacenters in Germany.

Our service provider is ISO 27001certified.

You don’t have to administrate anything and you don’t have to take care of anything – your AR appplication is fast, flexibly and efficiently available for you and your customers!


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Lets go!

Are you curious? Please contact us and lets talk about your own project!



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