Torsten Biermann was born in 1978 in Berlin and obtained his general higher education entrance qualification there in 1997.

After his duty for the homeland, he has worked for SCA Packaging since 1998 that has been rebranded into DS Smith Packaging after a change of owner in 2012.

Until he moved to overtake new tasks for the company in 2007, Torsten Biermann successfully took the examination to become an industrial sales executive and a qualified business economist and worked efficiently in the packaging development and the distribution field work.

Since 2007, Torsten Biermann works as a project manager in distribution for the current DS Smith Packaging and has produced several innovations and successes.

The client always come first!

Torsten Biermann always questions the status quo and develops new products, processes and methods that help to advance your product!

In this context the first augmented reality applications came to life and were shown in connection with packaging and disyplays from  DS Smith at the Fachpack 2012 and received great feedback.

To offer you, our client, the whole range of augmented reality possibilites, to draw on unlimited resources, to implement brand-new applications, to be fast, flexible, to inspire you, to give you a competitive advantage, with a techonlogy that gains importance every day, which requires creativity and courage, a techologie that brings simpliccity and fun, which excites – that is why Torsten Biermann has created TREFFPUNKT IDEE.

Meet Torsten Biermann with your idea!


PS: Learn more about Torsten Biermann on his personal website:



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