Mixed Reality

Mixed reality means augmented reality and virtual reality and connects the digital and real world seamlessly. Show your information intuitively and valuably: Seeing is believing!

The intended use is universal. Augmented reality is particularly often used on print products, packaging and in other areas relevant to marketing.


Possible extensions

  • Further information
  • Visual explanations
  • Graphics, Video, Sound
  • 3D objects

You get further information about Mixed Reality by clicking on the link. By clicking on one of following buttons you receive more information about the use of mixed reality in specific topics. You find there videos with inspiring examples oftentimes.

Torsten Biermann Treffpunkt Idee

About Treffpunkt Idee

We are digital natives. Enthusiasts, who always have had computers, consoles, smart devices and all cool gadgets since a tender age.

Lateral thinker, who are not satisfied with the status quo, but think daily how to integrate all those technical devices and the handling with it intuitively into everyday life; brave people, who want to try and learn new things.

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