Treffpunkt Idee

Owner: Torsten Biermann

Volztstr. 8

86720 Nördlingen


Our offices are amidst the historic city of Nördlingen.

15 million years ago the Nördlinger Ries (diameter approx. 25 km) developed out of the impact of a great meteorite that landed on the earth with a speed rate of at least 70.000 km/h. This crater is one of the best conserved and best researched meteorite craters in the world.

In consequence of its resemblance to many moon craters, American astronauts of the Apollo 14 and 17 missions completed a field training in the Ries from August 10 to 14 in 1970. As a result of the following scientific supervision, the Ries crater museum Nördlingen received a piece of moon rock from the Apollo 16 mission as a permenent loan from the NASA.

In the Middle Ages, Nördlingen was a very important town. The siege of Nördlingen in 1634 caused the turnaround in the Thiry Years‘ War.

In the following centuries the commercial routes changed and other cities became politically and economically more important.

Great luck! That way Nördlingen has been preserved since the thiry Years‘ War and still offers the all around accesible historical town wall which surrounds the historic city.

So we live and work in a blend of well preserved tradition and history as well as a few extraterrestrial rocks! Ideal breeding ground for what we do! 😉



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