Projects mobil AR showreel 2013

The old year is gone and a new year beginning. A good reason for our first showreel of some of our mobile augmented reality projects last year. Furthermore in less than 4 weeks we are looking back to our really own first 12 months of history. We are looking forward to celebrate that a little bit and wish all readers, customers and partners an exciting 2014!


For our first showreel we selected the one or other interesting project of our own and tried to organize them by themes. But because the first version of our reel had more than 7 minutes (what was too long for us), we rigorously deleted. If you are interested, we would be glad to show you more.

We start with some printproducts like businesscards, salesfolder, showing augmented packaging and last but not least augmented PoS- displays.

Find more examples here: augmented reality examples

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